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Earlier this spring, a colleague tagged me in a Bunz Trading Zone post looking for an illustrator to work on a project with Indie88, an indie-rock radio station based here in TO. I sent an email and the rest followed suit.

Flash forward to last week, when She Does The City asked me to do some media coverage with mega-talented photographer Yuli Scheidt at Field Trip Music & Arts Festival. I found out the next day that Indie88 would be handing out one of my Toronto-themed illustrations as postcards at Field Trip! I was jazzed about this coincidence, and to have the chance to snag a few postcards at their first “public appearance”.


field trip website photo crop 2

If you’re reading this and are like “lolwut”, let me explain. Field Trip Music and Arts Festival is held annually at Fort York, a historic site on the outskirts of downtown Toronto. Essentially it’s two days straight of eating, drinking, hula hooping, giggling at pretty girls in flower crowns, watching bands perform and admiring the other artistic installations and activities that the festival has to offer. You can find more details on Field Trip’s website here.

I was exhausted by the end of the first day, but in a good way. I did all of the things! I ate vegan mushroom poutine from The Portobello Burger food truck, a personal favourite I discovered last fall at RiotFest. I also drank copious amounts of freshly-squeezed lemonade, took advantage of Wild Altar‘s plant-based installation wall for a photo op, and witnessed Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew sing a questionable-but-sweet song about butts on the kid’s stage.

indie88westendfixedsizingcolouryuli-scheidt-SDTC-FT2016-JULYTALKThe highlight of the festival for me was finally seeing The National perform. They’re one of the few bands that have the ability to create music that physically hurts my heart to listen to. The same thing happened when I saw Daughter at the Phoenix back in 2012: my chest grew tight and my eyes welled up as my mind flashed to various noteworthy experiences I’d had while listening to their music. While listening to Matt Berninger croon “I Need My Girl”, I thought about when I watched their Saturday Night Live performance at a stranger’s house in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. During “I Should Live In Salt”, I thought about my 4th year morning routine of listening to their 6th studio album while walking to campus and chain-smoking. During “Sea of Love”, I thought about the summer when I started biking to the beach on weekend mornings, plugging in and watching the sunrise.

The first memory recalled above, I was with my partner of the time but was unhappy. The second, I was alone and unhappy. The third, I was alone and happy. Binge-listening to The National during my early twenties helped me appreciate independency and mental clarity, and for that I will always appreciate them. Experiencing that realization all over again was not something I expected from attending Field Trip, but was definitely a welcome reminder.

If you didn’t attend Field Trip but want to cope one of my illustrated postcards, keep an eye out! Indie88 will be handing these out at events all summer long.

INDIE88EASTENDBW-Recovered yuli-scheidt-SDTC-FT2016-SIGNS

indie88 website postcard crop

All photos (except for the subpar one I took of the postcards) were taken by Yuli Scheidt

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