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IMG_0114I moved into my own place — no roommates, no parents, no partner — for the first time at the beginning of April. I considered this a big step, and a necessary one at that. I work like a maniac (and love doing so) so there are often times when I need total silence at home on a Saturday night to meet a deadline.

While packing up for my big move, I uncovered a giant jar of glitter at the bottom of a tub filled with forgotten art supplies. I had so many questions. Where did it come from? When did I get it? WHY did I get it? After at least 30 seconds of straight frowning and pure confusion, I shrugged and thought Screw it! and chose to have some fun. I think it’s hilariously ironic that one of the first things I did in my new “adult” apartment was do a craft involving glitter.

I used this technique on a teeny tiny flowerpot (which I plopped some fresh thyme and soil into), a wooden frame and an oversized mason jar. You can do it on pretty much anything though! Pick the home decor accent of your choice and get glittering. 



-Something to cover in glitter

-Mod Podge or another white glue


-Glitter! I used a combo of fine and chunky glitter. (I used silver but you could try pairing multiple colours)

-Clear acrylic sealer

-Disposable covering to work on top of


1) Lay down newspaper, paper towel or garbage bag on flat surface. Trust me, you’ll be getting glitter everywhere and it’ll make clean-up a lot less irksome.

2) Optional: Tape off the area you want to paint.

3) Apply Mod Podge with paintbrush, covering surface with a thick coat.

4) Take handful of fine glitter and sprinkle overtop, coating evenly so that no glue can be seen showing through. Take a smaller handful of chunky glitter and add throughout for some texture variation.

5) Shake off excess and let dry.

6) Once dry, add clear acrylic sealer overtop. This will prevent glitter from attaching itself to every aspect of your life.

Sparkle on, Wayne. 

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