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If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I have the best dog in the world. Hands down, no argument, don’t even try to dispute it because I will win. I’m writing this with him on my lap right now though, so I might be the slightest bit biased.

Back in September, my roommates Bridget and JC realized that our (my partner Zach and I’s) corgi mutt Pixel and their pit bull Tank were adopted on the same day! Years apart, but the same adoptaversary nonetheless. So we couldn’t not throw them a joint party to celebrate the occasion. I am a big advocate for the phrase “Adopt Don’t Buy”, and can’t wait to adopt another once we have enough space in our home. It’s the same sort of mentality for why I don’t want children. If I do decide to have them one day, though, then I will adopt instead of giving birth. It’s best to give an existing life a better one, rather than support the industry that creates a surplus of lives that don’t need to be bred or created in the first place. Did I explain that well? Probably not, so you can read more about why you shouldn’t support pet-trades and puppy mills, and why you should adopt instead, on PETA’s website here.

We invited our friends and their dogs to celebrate with us! Here’s how to throw not just any dog party — but a proper dog party.




I created mine by drawing little party hats and other fun doodles on an existing image in Photoshop, but you could probably execute this a lot better. Send the invitation (either digital or print) to your friends, family — and their dogs too, of course! Since it’s 2016, you’ll probably want to create a Facebook event for the party so friends will remember to keep their schedules free.




We opted to host our party at Friends of Hermon Dog Park, an open space on the outskirts of LA that was pretty deserted. We set up next to a low-hanging tree, which was perfect to hang our banner and balloons from. If your climate and weather allow you to have your party outside, do it! It’s best to give the dogs room to run around and play with one another. If there isn’t a private dog park near you, find a friend with a big backyard and beg and/or blackmail them accordingly.



This is really a few steps in one. For the adoptaversary party we made…

  • Monogrammed bandanas
  • Photobooth props
  • A custom pennant banner
  • Loot bags

Here’s how to make ~all of the things~.


You will need…

  • One standard bandana (or more, depending on how many pups you want to make them for). You can also get any fabric that’s 22 inches by 22 inches, which is the standard size for a bandana.
  • Iron-on letters (I got these from Jo-Ann’s but you should be able to find them at any craft store very easily, even the dollar store)
  • Hair straightener (Or an iron, but a hair straightener works better for this size)

How to make it…

  1.  Tie your fabric into a standard bandana style (here), fitting it specifically to the dog in question.
  2. Cut out the iron-on letters for whatever you’re spelling out. Cut them as closely as possible, while making sure they’re still legible. If you’re using particularly small letters, use an X-ACTO knife instead of scissors to do this step.
  3. Figure out exactly where you’re going to put the letters and space them out. Ideally, the letters should be on the side of the bandana (see photo reference below).
  4. Heat up your hair straightener/iron.
  5. Place one letter on the bandana. Iron letter on in that spot, holding straightener/iron clamped in same spot for at least 20 seconds to secure it while being careful not to burn fabric.
  6. Repeat step 5 for rest of letters. Touch up all letters at the end if need be.




Use my existing tutorial here, but swap the bridal motifs to things like dog snouts and “Woof” speech bubbles.




You will need…

  • Thick card stock
  • Black marker
  • String or twine
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue

How to make it…

  1. Decide what you want to write on your banner. I chose our dogs’ names but feel free to mix it up, as long as you choose something short, sweet and personal.
  2. Using card stock, a pencil and a ruler, draw out an isosceles triangle (two long sides and one shorter side, nerd).
  3. Cut this out carefully, then use it as a stencil to trace out as many triangles as you have letters/symbol in whatever you’re spelling out, one triangle for each. For example, “Pixel & Tank” took 10 triangles.
  4. Fold over the top edge of the triangle — about half an inch.
  5. Add line of glue, then glue string in place.
  6. Repeat step #5 for rest of triangles, in order of how the letters should be.
  7. Let dry.

TL, DR: You can also buy a basic pennant already made and write the letters directly on it. You’ll have to create your phrase in correspondence with how many triangles are already on the pennant this way.



As far as the loot bags go, fairly straightforward — Bridget got colorful paper bags from Target, filled them with a treat and chew toy each, then sealed with a pink ribbon.


Take lots of photos, play party games, and have a doggone good time.

Another great thing to incorporate into your party is dog-friendly cake or cupcakes. I was planning on making some, we just didn’t have enough time the day before. You can make them yourself following an online recipe like the one for these, or a lot of dog boutiques tend to offer baked goods nowadays too. Be sure to also bring…balloons, more tape, a tablecloth, dog toys, blankets, folding chairs, a portable music player, and lots of snacks/beverages to keep guests (human or other) satisfied throughout the party. And poop bags — seriously, we almost forgot to bring extra ones and it would’ve been a disaster.




DIY Photo Booth Props

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Earlier this spring I made some custom photo booth props on a whim for Love It or List It Vacation Homes‘s wrap party. They were a hit, even though I had no idea what I was doing. When my boss Aimee asked me to make some more for her upcoming wedding, I knew that I’d have to perfect my technique this time around.

These are SO fun to make and SO fun to use! Why have your guests take generic selfies when they can hold up cute props instead? You can customize them for weddings, media events, baby showers, bachelorette parties and practically anything else.



  • Black pen and white paper (Omit if you’re going to use images you find online instead)
  • Editing software and scanner (Omit if you’re going to use images you find online instead)
  • Thin bamboo skewers
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Access to a colour printer
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors

IMG_1726 IMG_1706


  1. On white paper, draw out your images in pencil first. I did bow ties, moustaches, champagne, a top hat…fun things like that. Go over your drawings with black ink. Using thick, simple lines is crucial because you want the props to be clear when photographed from far away. If this is impossible for you to do because you lack the artistic ability to do so, it’s cool. You can find images online instead. Get creative! Include typography, emojis and whatever else your heart desires. If your event has a hashtag, creating a prop for that is a good idea too.
  2. Scan your drawings. Make sure they’re being scanned at at least 600 DPI on the black and white setting.
  3. Open up your drawings in an editing software. I use Photoshop, but even Microsoft Paint will do. Use the brush tool to touch up the blacks and whites, then the Bucket tool to colourize the drawings. I used mostly tiffany blue and rose to coincide with Aimee’s wedding’s colour scheme.
  4. Once you’re done editing, print! Just throw all your drawings (or found online images) into a word document and print those bad boys out on cardstock. It’s important to use cardstock instead of regular paper, as you need something strong that won’t bend.
  5. Use scissors to cut the drawings out, closely cropping around each shape.
  6. Flip a drawing over. Line the pointed end of the bamboo skewer up at the bottom middle of the cardstock. Cover that part of the skewer with a big dollop of hot glue. Let dry flat without moving prop around.
  7. Repeat step #6 with the rest of the drawings.



It’s that easy! If you use this technique, send a photo my way because I’d love to see what images you come up with.

And on a final note…Congratulations to Aimee and Brendan! Your wedding is going to be lovely, followed by an even lovelier marriage.



June 3, 2016 // - - - - -


IMG_0114I moved into my own place — no roommates, no parents, no partner — for the first time at the beginning of April. I considered this a big step, and a necessary one at that. I work like a maniac (and love doing so) so there are often times when I need total silence at home on a Saturday night to meet a deadline.

While packing up for my big move, I uncovered a giant jar of glitter at the bottom of a tub filled with forgotten art supplies. I had so many questions. Where did it come from? When did I get it? WHY did I get it? After at least 30 seconds of straight frowning and pure confusion, I shrugged and thought Screw it! and chose to have some fun. I think it’s hilariously ironic that one of the first things I did in my new “adult” apartment was do a craft involving glitter.

I used this technique on a teeny tiny flowerpot (which I plopped some fresh thyme and soil into), a wooden frame and an oversized mason jar. You can do it on pretty much anything though! Pick the home decor accent of your choice and get glittering. 



-Something to cover in glitter

-Mod Podge or another white glue


-Glitter! I used a combo of fine and chunky glitter. (I used silver but you could try pairing multiple colours)

-Clear acrylic sealer

-Disposable covering to work on top of


1) Lay down newspaper, paper towel or garbage bag on flat surface. Trust me, you’ll be getting glitter everywhere and it’ll make clean-up a lot less irksome.

2) Optional: Tape off the area you want to paint.

3) Apply Mod Podge with paintbrush, covering surface with a thick coat.

4) Take handful of fine glitter and sprinkle overtop, coating evenly so that no glue can be seen showing through. Take a smaller handful of chunky glitter and add throughout for some texture variation.

5) Shake off excess and let dry.

6) Once dry, add clear acrylic sealer overtop. This will prevent glitter from attaching itself to every aspect of your life.

Sparkle on, Wayne. 

IMG_0127 IMG_0103

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